Case Study

Gilson Graphics

Ensuring True Data Protection

Gilson Graphics was searching for a better partner to help them build out their Backup & DR Strategy. Their team had a few of the right tools in place, but they weren’t receiving the necessary expertise—and their recovery plan was becoming unnecessarily complicated.


Gilson had a solid backup strategy but desired additional ideas to build out backups beyond their primary site. They sought to layer in true Disaster Recovery to protect from an event that could disrupt IT or slow down their entire business.


The Gilson team started exploring options. Within the first discussion, Virtual Systems identified potential solutions and started Gilson on a path to test those fixes free of charge. With our help, backups immediately ran faster and without issue, ensuring Gilson would have no data loss upon recovery.


Now, Gilson continues to leverage Virtual Systems’ expertise as they build out their dream data protection strategy. Since Virtual Systems offers avenues for O365 protection, physical server protection, verifiable backups, and ultra-low RTO/RPO Disaster Recovery, Gilson can simplify their strategy discussions. Virtual Systems has become their sole partner, the partner who keeps them equipped and protected.

The Virtual Systems team is fantastic, personable, and very knowledgeable.

Doug Taylor, System Administrator

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