After Hours Long Outage, Microsoft Rebrands as “Office 364”

September 30th, 2020

Satirical article titles aside, here are the details of the recent outage:

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services experienced an outage and degradation of services for several hours yesterday. Microsoft cloud applications, such as Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure, and Teams all experienced a disruption preventing users from logging in.

Shortly after 5pm. ET when Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account posted that they were experiencing issues preventing users from authenticating to their services, they reported that they were rolling back a recent change that they believed to cause the issue, unfortunately, this rollback was deemed unsuccessful as they were still seeing users unable to login. At nearly 10 pm ET Microsoft rerouted traffic to alternative infrastructure after mentioning that it was “a specific portion” of the infrastructure that was not allowing authentication requests. The issue was resolved at this time.

Microsoft has not divulged the reason for the outage merely stating that there was an issue with certain code that caused authentication to Microsoft 365 Cloud services to timeout.

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