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Reimagine Your Recovery + Protection

You know what’s really expensive? Preventable IT downtime. Sure, broken business continuity hits the bottom line directly, but additional costs include lost customers, a tarnished brand reputation, and reduced employee morale. That’s a ton of loss for something avoidable!

But you don’t have to be one of the businesses that average an obscene 14 hours of downtime every year. Instead, use the strongest protection available against unplanned downtime: cloud-based backup and disaster recovery.

Even better is getting best-in-class protection from the Midwest’s most trusted Cloud Service Provider. By the way, we’re so confident in our cloud-based backup service that we offer a completely free 30-day, no-risk trial.

Disaster Recovery Solutions - Your Way

While our team has the experience and knowledge for best IT practices, we’re talking about your backup and disaster recovery plan here. And because we are, you’re always in charge.

Whether you would prefer to “set it and forget it” or want to manage the system yourself, you’ve got it! Virtual Systems supports the disaster recovery solution that best fits your needs – a key benefit of cloud-based backup services.

One Size (Almost) Never Fits All

Your business has a unique situation and needs. Perhaps you’ve been using on-site backups and are now interested in taking the next step. Or you may want to create a tertiary plan for your business-critical data backups. Or maybe you’d like to add long-term storage or extend your M365 retention.

Whatever you’re looking for in cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, Virtual Systems has you covered. And we offer economic solutions that are flexible and reliable. Sometimes you actually can have the best of both worlds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Are you sure your current data backup and disaster recovery strategy is robust enough? You are when you choose Virtual Systems. Operating right through your VCloud portal, state-of-the-art VMware software can fully test your recovery plan in a simulated disaster recovery event. Run this on your own or, if you’d prefer, one of our engineers can walk you step by step through the process.

Industry-Leading Verifiability

Does your existing system allow you to easily verify your backup data? If not, that can be a real problem for compliance, business planning, and even cybersecurity insurance qualification. Since we build our backup and disaster recovery solutions on a Veeam® platform, you receive world-class verifiability. That’s just one of the benefits of choosing a cloud-first IT partner like Virtual Systems.

Get Started Today!

Not sure exactly what you need? Not a problem! Feel free to reach out and talk to one of our experts. We’re happy to answer any questions and work with you to craft the perfect data recovery solution for your needs. Just contact us here to get started!

A Look at the Tech Stack

When crafting any IT solution, we believe the recipe is only as good as its ingredients. So, here’s a little insight on how we cook up one of the best Backup & DR solutions on the market today.

  • Veeam

    Veeam has been one of the fastest growing software companies of the past decade and has won countless awards in the cloud technology space. Veeam's ability to balance simplicity & ease of use with robust functionality is unparalleled. Virtual Systems is in the top 1% of Veeam partners worldwide in terms of licensing volume.

  • VMWare

    Manage your DR environment right in vCloud. Spin up VM's, run workloads offsite, fully test a recovery scenario all through your vCloud portal provided by Virtual Systems. We are a top VMware cloud partner.

  • High Availability Always Included

    An extra layer of redundancy in your recovery environment. We don't give you a choice because we believe it's irresponsible to forgo this feature; you're in a high-availability environment so your recovery plan doesn't need a recovery plan.

  • Lightning-Fast Bandwidth

    With redundant, burstable 10GB pipes, you can move your data quickly. While other service providers throttle bandwidth or limit the number of tasks/jobs that Veeam can push simultaneously, Virtual Systems gives customers the ability to use the bandwidth you need to meet the BDR goals you set.

Trusted Partners

Virtual Systems multi-Data Center DR footprint is built for VMWare and Hyper-V. We only use Dell blades and either Nimble or Dell storage. As one of the largest Veeam partners in the world and a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can deliver your entire top-shelf IT stack in one simple, monthly subscription model.

From controlling our own server to making us 100% virtual, I’m a true champion for Virtual Systems.

Jeff Breitkeutz, Fluorotek President

LBM Advantage

LBM Advantage is more confident in their business continuity plan than they’ve ever been and they continue to work with Vsystems toward complete data resilience across all forms of disaster so no matter what hazard looms outside their door, LBM Advantages’ members can rest assured they are never without the membership benefits that give them an edge in the highly competitive market of building materials.

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