Virtual Private Server

Reimagine Your Servers + Infrastructure

Forget about maintaining and updating your hardware. With VPS hosting, you get all the benefits of a dedicated physical server plus the lightning-fast bandwidth, uptime, and scalability of cloud hosting. The cloud allows you to easily deploy high-security infrastructure that is customizable to your needs.

Our team will work with you to right-size a cloud environment to meet your unique VPS hosting needs for a solution that’s dynamic, flexible, and financially efficient.

Virtual Private Server

This VPS hosting plan offers dedicated hosting at the hypervisor layer to allow for speedy deployments, unlimited scalability, root access, and intuitive management. Enjoy the benefits of virtual private servers with logically isolated environments that prioritize flexibility and cost-efficiency, without compromising security.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting at the hardware layer offers a dedicated server that’s selected exclusively for you. Choose a Dedicated Private Server (DPS) when you need the complete control and web customization of your own entire physical server. Because our dedicated servers deliver isolation at the hardware level, you get maximum customization and security while retaining all the benefits of public cloud economics.

Speed and Reliability

Virtual private server performance scales with your traffic on nearly unlimited bandwidth, with redundancies that give you maximum uptime. Your VPS hosting can handle traffic like a dedicated server, but without the price tag.

Layer in Security

Bring us your security solution or layer in one of our enhanced options. Need compliance for HIPAA, PCI, ITAR, SOC 2 or others? We’ve got your back! You can always leverage Virtual Systems’ expertise to get the secure solution you need.

Cloud Service Provider Options: Managed or Unmanaged

Tell us how you want to build your server environment. Do you want full control to update, patch, monitor, and scale? Or would you rather “set it and forget it? No matter how you craft your virtual server solution, our cloud architecture experts will be here to answer any of your questions.  

Accessible Support From IT Experts

Migrating to the cloud isn’t always straightforward. Wouldn’t it be nice to call a team with expertise in cloud architecture and simply ask them a few questions? Well, that’s what you get with VPS from Virtual Systems.

Why Might a VPS Be Right for Your Business?

While a VPS isn’t necessarily recommended for everyone, it is a very good solution for a wide range of businesses. In the right situations, this is a cost-effective, fast, and flexible option that offers reliable network infrastructure and security. And Virtual Systems is a trusted provider who can work with you to customize a cloud environment customized to your company’s specific needs.

If you aren’t sure whether VPS is right for your company, feel free to give us a call at (844) 2-VIRTUAL | (844) 284-7882 or use the quick contact form to get in touch. Our team can help you understand if this is a smart choice for your business, or if you’d be better served with a different option. Either way, we have experts who can guide you in the right direction and make sure you get exactly what you need!

A Look at the Tech Stack

When crafting any IT solution, we believe the recipe is only as good as its ingredients. So here’s a little insight on how we cook up one of the best Private Cloud solutions on the market today.

  • VMWare Hypervisor

    Robust, intuitive user interface in vCloud. Dynamically shifting memory. Full NSX capabilities. There are a hundred reasons not to cut corners on a hypervisor. We are a top VMware cloud partner.

  • High Availability Always Included

    An extra layer of redundancy in your recovery environment. We don't give you a choice because we believe it's irresponsible to forgo this feature; you're in a high-availability environment so your recovery plan doesn't need a recovery plan.

  • Lightning-Fast Bandwidth

    With redundant, burstable 10GB pipes, we take your data as quickly as you can push it, allowing your users to enjoy blazing fast internet at the Workspace endpoint.

Trusted Partners

Virtual Systems only uses Dell blades, Nimble hybrid-flash storage, and Trend Micro for deep security and threat detection. As one of the largest Veeam partners in the world and a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can deliver your entire top-shelf IT stack in one simple, monthly subscription model.

I feel like I am valued as a customer and they provide me personal service. [My account manager] is available if I need him and he checks in with us on a regular basis. We are extremely loyal when we find a good solution and Virtual Systems has been dependable and trustworthy to us

Kent, Bible Study Fellowship

Success Story

LBM Advantage is more confident in their business continuity plan than they’ve ever been and they continue to work with Vsystems toward complete data resilience across all forms of disaster so no matter what hazard looms outside their door, LBM Advantages’ members can rest assured they are never without the membership benefits that give them an edge in the highly competitive market of building materials.

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