New Solutions Blur the Line Between Backup and Disaster Recovery

February 19th, 2020

For many businesses, work stops during an IT outage. This unscheduled downtime can cost your company a shocking amount of time and money. That’s why businesses are making large investments in robust disaster recovery plans that will get them back to work quickly and efficiently.

But as recovery solutions evolve, you might want to take a look at innovations from Veeam that make top-shelf backup even more feature-rich, accessible, and maybe even more viable for some of your DR requirements.

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Offsite Backup: Veeam’s Newest Solutions Provide Innovation and Added Peace of Mind

Just as they announce a major acquisition by Insight, Veeam is releasing their much-anticipated Version 10. There’s been a lot of hype leading up to this release, and the features we’ll see in February are bringing more of the terrific innovation we’ve become used to with Veeam.

Faster and Better “Instant On” Functionality

Veeam’s Instant On feature offers businesses a practical way to restore a virtual machine (VM) from a backup file. It’s a great recovery tool for organizations that decided not to implement replication across all their VMs but find themselves in a situation where they need to access data from a corrupted machine as quickly as possible.

With Veeam’s version 10, you can use the Instant On feature on multiple VMs in parallel instead of one at a time, making multiple recoveries much quicker. It’s still not advisable to run for very long with Instant On because of degraded performance, but it makes recovery from backups more efficient.

Backup Immutability Flag on S3 Storage

Ransomware is at the top of every IT professional’s mind, since crypto attacks are inevitable. When they happen, only the best recovery plans will allow business to continue as usual.

Robust recovery solutions typically require a lot of extra storage to accommodate all of those snapshots and replicas. Whether you use your own hardware or leverage cloud storage, the price of the storage matters.

Veeam’s new immutability flag for S3 allows you to “lock” your backups, so they are unchangeable by users or software. With this protection, ransomware is unable to access or change your data as it sits in reasonably priced object storage.

Office 365 Backups to S3 Storage

As more and more IT professionals become aware of Microsoft’s hands-off approach to Office 365 data retention and recovery, more tools are popping up to give IT teams longer retention and more control of that cloud data. You can now store data directly in object storage, using Veeam’s Office 365 backup solution. This can help keep your strategy to keep long-term retention of Sharepoint, OneDrive, email, and other information well within your budget.

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Disaster Recovery: Real-Time Data Protection, With Replication

Despite continuous enhancements to backup strategies, nothing beats the power of a replica for fast, robust recovery. When you use a disaster recovery service (DRaaS), it replicates your entire server, including all your data, your applications, your operating system, and any other information. During an IT outage, your disaster recovery service will allow you to access your replicated machines, ensuring you don’t lose time to a disaster event that might take down your production environment.

Many disaster recovery solutions, including Veeam, provide almost continuous replication, so you’re much less likely to lose large amounts of data. You’ll also face fewer delays getting back online since your virtual machines may be available in seconds or minutes – they are already replicated and ready to go in another location.

Virtual Systems: Building Practical Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Both backup and replication are essential to your disaster recovery strategy, since both address recovery from different types of disaster. If your business is ready for an upgraded business continuity plan, it’s time to talk to our team. We’d love to hear what your goals are for backup and recovery and help you craft a plan for data availability and disaster resiliency.

At Virtual Systems, we’ll get to know your unique needs and priorities. Once we understand your business’s vulnerabilities and level of risk, we can help you build a disaster recovery and backup plan that reflects your needs.

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