The Best Option for MSPs Providing Secure, Compliant Cloud Services

May 17th, 2022

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), you’re probably looking for a way to keep up with the growing demand for cloud services. One of the most requested solutions is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), which is booming globally and predicted to reach a market value of $1.167 billion by 2027, a whopping 23.7 percent CAGR. Ransomware is one factor driving demand. It increased by 64 percent YOY in the first half of 2021, and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) warns that the ransomware threat is rising and is driving even more demand. More of your clients are aware that recoverable backups are the only way to get back to business quickly after a ransomware attack, and they’re turning to their MSPs to manage them.  

Furthermore, your clients want to get out of the data center business. They don’t want the cost of infrastructure, maintenance, and skilled IT staff dedicated to it. They want to transition from on-premises systems to the cloud, while maintaining security and compliance.  

MSP Options for Providing Cloud Services

In general, MSPs have two options for providing cloud services: Build your own infrastructure, or partner. The first option involves investment in infrastructure or public cloud.  This can certainly pay off if an MSP’s team includes cloud experts who can build it, optimize it, and enhance experiences for cloud users. However, MSP’s need resources with expertise in security and compliance to ensure the cloud or clouds they operate meet standards and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, if something goes wrong under this model, the MSP is solely responsible for making things right.  

Another alternative is to partner with companies that provide specific cloud services, such as reselling a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) provider’s services rather than managing BDR internally. MSPs who are fortunate enough to forge beneficial partnerships with these providers can deliver the specific services their clients need at an effective price point that includes a healthy margin. However, in many cases, finding the perfect partnership terms can be challenging.  

Fortunately, MSPs can also work with a partner that provides a secure, compliant cloud back end giving you the infrastructure for the services and solutions you provide. Your partner focuses on what they do well – managing a reliable cloud your and your clients can put your trust in—and you can use your expertise to focus on providing solutions and services in your portfolio rather than maintaining cloud infrastructure.  

While partnership means giving up some control over solutions end-to-end, you’ll likely see greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and increased customer satisfaction when you work with a leading cloud provider. Additionally, the right partner will allow you to decide how much you manage and what you hand over. For example, we offer our MSP partners the ability to white label our cloud and handle licenses and support – or to resell our services and let Virtual Systems handle it all. MSPs decide on their involvement depending on their skills, time, and resources.  

Versatility and Flexibility

Another thing to look for in a partner is the breadth of offerings, which will help you offer seamlessly integrated services – and save you time with vendor management. In addition to supporting MSPs with the cloud infrastructure they need, Virtual Systems also supports MSP partners by providing:  

We provide your clients with a dedicated, virtualized server, eliminating the need for physical hardware and infrastructure. VPS is an attractive option for your clients who need a flexible, secure, scalable system.  

Virtual Systems provides hosted desktops that run on virtual machines. You can offer persistent VDI so that users can connect to a personalized desktop, just as if they were using a physical desktop. This in-demand service provides end users with remote access, enhanced security, and centralized management.  

BaaS and DRaaS ensure that a business’ data and system backups are verified and recoverable. Virtual Systems also provides Microsoft 365 Backup from Veeam to ensure that vital information stored in Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and more are protected and recoverable long-term.  

The most successful MSPs establish strategic partnerships to provide their clients with high-quality solutions, services, and support that ensure customer satisfaction. In an era when demand is on the rise, and your team may be stretched thin, partnership may be the best course – if you find a partner that gives you the flexibility to give you the best choices for your business.  

MSPs are discovering the benefits of leveraging Virtual Systems for cloud services with a secure, compliant cloud back end they can rely on. If you’re ready to explore what a Virtual Systems partnership can do for your business, contact us 

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