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LBM Advantage

Secure and Prepared for the Unexpected

LBM Advantage offers their lumberyard members a broad range of valuable membership options. They maximize rebates and volume incentives, manage market trends and industry intel, and hold conventions and roadshows to provide their customers with the expertise, resources, and multi-billion dollar purchasing power their members need to gain an advantage in the building materials market.


LBM Advantage approached Virtual Systems in need of a robust data management and business continuity solution for their multi-site infrastructure. Advantage was looking to create an IT architecture that allowed for geographically diverse data redundancy and a plan for business to easily continue as usual even in the event of a site failure, cyber crime disruption, or human-error disaster.


Virtual Systems worked alongside the LBM Advantage team to design a tailor-made business continuity solution that addressed data resiliency across all tiers of data. The Vsystems team focused on better understanding the differences between Advantage’s data sets and how to best prioritize data availability and recoverability. Vsystems also worked as a sounding board and advisor during significant network architecture upgrades to help the Advantage team craft the perfect solution.


Today, LBM Advantage is more confident in their business continuity plan than they’ve ever been and they continue to work with Vsystems toward complete data resilience across all forms of disaster so no matter what hazard looms outside their door, LBM Advantages’ members can rest assured they are never without the membership benefits that give them an edge in the highly competitive market of building materials.

Securing off-prem storage and developing a business continuity solution is a daunting task, but Virtual Systems pulled it off effortlessly

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