Compliance in the Cloud


Imagine cloud infrastructure that meets the tightest compliance requirements, built by cloud architects, compliance auditors with expertise in HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, NIST, and more, along with information security officer oversight to deliver an end-to-end cloud that’s tailor-made to fit your compliance requirements.


Finding transparency in cloud compliance is a major challenge for businesses. At the same time, it’s critical to partner with a transparent cloud services provider who will have your back in an audit. That’s why we are ready to prove that our data protection measures meet your cloud compliance requirements. Trust is critical when it comes to selecting the right cloud compliance solution.


Because cloud infrastructure has so many benefits, it can be easy to leap before you look. But choosing the wrong provider can cost more than just non-compliance fines! Weak security leads to vulnerability of sensitive data stored in the cloud.

While Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud compliance security is strong, the shared-responsibility model means you also need to actively protect your data. That’s why you’ll be glad you partnered with a cloud compliance leader, like the Midwest’s largest Veeam® Service & Cloud Provider.


Don’t just trust our words – trust our service level agreements!

When you do, you’ll quickly see that our compliance posture is more than just information security and data privacy. With Virtual Systems, you have a team of experts who are ready to answer your questions any time.

If you’re just getting started and want to know how our cloud services meet your regulatory standards, feel free to reach out. We are happy to walk you through exactly what everything means for your company in the context of applicable regulations and our service agreement.


Our cloud environments meet a wide array of compliance requirements:


At the end of the day, we bet you’d rather focus on other critical business concerns than worrying if your company complies with cloud computing regulatory policies. While that is obviously critical for staying in business, it’s also something you can have a trusted cloud-first IT solutions partner handle for you.

When you choose Virtual Systems, you have a partner who is highly experienced in assuring cloud compliance for businesses across a range of industries. We work with you to identify any gaps and solutions to address them. In doing so, you don’t have to waste time and energy wondering if you are meeting necessary standards.

If you have questions or would like to see what partnership with Virtual Systems means for your business and regulatory needs, feel free to contact us. Just fill out our easy contact form and we will block out time to hear exactly what you need. And you can hear exactly what we can do for you.


We can help your cloud solution meet a wide array of compliance requirements.

Trusted Partners

Virtual Systems only uses Dell blades, Nimble hybrid-flash storage, and Trend Micro for deep security and threat detection. As one of the largest Veeam partners in the world and a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can deliver your entire top-shelf IT stack in one simple, monthly subscription model.

Success Story

As the largest independently owned commercial real estate firm in West Michigan, NAI Wisinski required a holistic solution that would meet tech demands outside of the office. Learn more about how Virtual Systems met this need by migrating 60 NAI team members to tailored cloud workspaces while adding built-in disaster recovery and ensuring minimal upfront capital expense.

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