Getting Started With Hybrid Cloud Using VMware Cloud Foundation

May 29th, 2020

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a software-defined data center virtualization platform that is purpose-built for new deployments and brings with it a few important core VMware components: vSphere 7, vSAN 7, NSX-T 3.0, and SDDC Manager. IT teams can use VCF to deploy a hybrid-cloud ready platform that can be extended to the public or private clouds. vSphere 7 allows for simple management and provisioning of VMs and containers, SDDC Manager provides lifecycle management, orchestration and automation, and NSX-T 3.0 offers Software-Defined networking and micro-segmentation. All of these components run on vSAN storage for policy-based management and scalability.

Simplify Your Cloud Management With VMware

Deployment is simple since VCF is built upon standardized HCI architecture for simplified scaling and updating. VCF provides users the ability to utilize software-driven management of the cloud right in their own datacenter. Whether applications are VDI, mission-critical applications, containers, or IoT workloads, the IT team can spin them up quickly and on demand. Since VCF virtualizes all elements of the data center, security is built in at every layer: the ESXi Hypervisor, vSAN for storage, NSX for network, and the vRealize suite for management.

VCF can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and allows for seamlessly running a variety of workloads securely across both private environments in the data center and within private and public clouds. It’s a simple and easy jumping-on point for any workload and hybrid cloud extensibility.

vmware cloud foundation

Virtual Systems: Your Trusted VMware Cloud Verified Partner

If you have questions about VMware Cloud Foundation, it’s time to reach out to our team. Virtual Systems is VMware Cloud Verified; we offer service on top of the entire VMware Cloud infrastructure. This is an achievement that only 3% of all VMware partners accomplish. We can help put our expertise to work for you, and we love talking shop with small business owners and other IT professionals!

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