Looking for the Best Way to Manage Off-Site Backups? The Solution is Veeam Cloud Connect

July 11th, 2022

It’s common for businesses to struggle with the problem of off-site backup. You understand the rationale. Threats from cyberattacks, hardware failure, natural disasters, or human error hover over businesses that rely on digital processes and data, and the costs of downtime make overlooking off-site backups too big of a risk. Furthermore, off-site backups are a key part of Veeam’s 3-2-1-1-0 Golden Backup Rule for an effective backup strategy in the age of ransomware. This rule prescribes maintaining at least 3 copies of data, on at least 2 different types of media, with 1 off-site, 1 immutable, and all copies verified to have 0 errors.

Still, finding a practical, cost-effective way to manage off-site backups can be challenging. Building infrastructure at a second location is often outside the realm of possibility for most businesses. So, companies often settle for solutions from vendors specializing in backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Yes, it’s off-site backup. But those solutions are typically not very scalable, and retrieving your most mission-critical data after a disaster may take more time than you need to get back to business.

Another option is cloud backup, which businesses often view as complex and expensive, and, when it comes to security, frankly, a little scary. But when you get the facts on Veeam Cloud Connect, you’ll see that off-site backup to the cloud can actually be simple, cost-effective, and secure.

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect gives businesses the ability to send backups and replicas off-site to a provider, like Virtual Systems, that offers Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service. Cloud Connect is simple to use. It’s built into Veeam Backup and Replication, so it’s unnecessary to perform complex integrations to backup to the cloud. Additionally, businesses control backups and replicas traveling off-site via Cloud Connect through their existing Veeam Console.  Basically, you set up off-site backups with your service provider and point jobs to the cloud.

Virtual Systems’ infrastructure includes:

  • Cloud repositories can serve as primary and secondary storage locations.
  • Replication resources, which are dedicated computing, storage and network resources in a virtualized environment, enable a business to fail over to virtual machine (VM) replicas if a disaster strikes.

Securing Off-Site Backups

With so many businesses moving more applications and data to the cloud – and apparently a growing number of ransomware groups and hackers targeting them – security has become a top priority. Veeam uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the best encryption protocols available, which protects data as it travels to and from a cloud repository but doesn’t disrupt or slow down workflows.

Furthermore, Cloud Connect partners have the capability to provide you with immutable backups. With a backup copy that can’t be altered, deleted, or encrypted, your business will always have a backup that is safe from ransomware or malware. As a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, Virtual Systems will also consult with the end user to ensure their backups are verified to contain no errors.

Consider the Possibilities

The more you know about Veeam Cloud Connect for off-site backup, the more you can see it’s simple, flexible, reliable, and typically, it’s about the same cost as working with a BDR vendor that provides you with fewer features and capabilities.

Looking for a better way to ensure you always have an error-free, immutable, off-site backup of your data? Contact Virtual Systems to get started with a solution that works for your business.


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