Microsoft 365 Secure Cloud Backup FAQs

October 26th, 2021

New to Veeam Backup for M365/O365? Here are answers to users’ most frequently asked questions.

Q: What does Veeam consider a “user,” and are we charged for shared mailboxes?

A: Each Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox is a user, whether it’s an individual’s mailbox or an online archive mailbox. Veeam requires one license per user, including resource mailboxes for locations such as conference rooms or equipment mailboxes associated with pieces of equipment such as a laptop or a projector. Shared mailboxes do not require licenses – they’re backed up at no charge.

Q: Are licenses assigned automatically? 

If all mailboxes will be backed up, then Virtual Systems will assign a Secure Cloud Backup for Office 365 license to each mailbox during onboarding.

However, if you choose to back up only certain mailboxes, notify Virtual Systems so we can manually assign licenses during onboarding or if you need to make changes.

Q: What do I do if I need to add users? 

Contact Virtual Systems to amend your contract. We’ll sync service for new users with your subscription cycle, so renewals are easier.

Q: If an employee resigns and a new one is hired, can I apply the license to the new mailbox?

Yes, Just contact Virtual Systems to make changes.

Q: What’s the process for connecting to Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange (VEX)? 

You can connect to the VEX by following the steps in our knowledge base article

Q: Besides Microsoft Exchange, can I also back up SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business?

Yes. Learn more from these knowledge base articles:

Q:  Is on-prem Microsoft Exchange data included with Secure Cloud Backup for M365/O365? 

No, only Exchange Online data will be backed up.

Q: How long is data from deleted users available? 

Virtual Systems retains data from all backups as long as the user is licensed.

Q: Is there a storage limit? 

We provide unlimited backup versions and storage for licensed users.

Q: How often do you back up M365/O365 data? 

Virtual Systems runs backups once each day. Talk to your Virtual Systems project manager about choosing a time for backup jobs during the onboarding process. All users will be backed up at the same time.

Q: We accidentally deleted the administrator account that we used to authorize the Microsoft 365 connection. What do we do now? 

You need to change the user in Organization settings to a valid account so backup jobs will continue to work and to continue to access and use VEX.

Q: What are Kiosk licenses? 

Users with kiosk licenses need access to Exchange and SharePoint but don’t have a dedicated workstation.

It’s important to back up users with kiosk licenses to protect your SharePoint environment and the user’s data.

Q: Can we recover email that’s deleted right before a backup and also deleted from the recycle bin? 

Yes. When an item is deleted from the recycle bin, it is moved to a hidden folder called Recoverable Items inside Microsoft 365 where it’s saved automatically for 14 days. Veeam backs up the Recoverable Items folder with each backup and stores it in the Permanently Deleted Items folder; therefore, all Exchange data is protected between backups.

Q: How does Virtual Systems protect against cyberattacks such as phishing and ransomware? 

Virtual Systems Secure Cloud Backup for M365/O365 is a safety net for organizations impacted by cyberattacks. A reliable backup empowers you to restore data after, for example, ransomware is removed, and your system is back up or to correct changes a hacker or malware made within your system.

When recovering from a cyberattack, you can restore these items back to a point in time before the attack. You can restore all at once or by group and base restores on missing and/or changed items.

  • Individual Users:
  • Mail
  • Archive
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint sites
  • Group
  • Mail
  • SharePoint sites

Q: Is Secure Backup for M365 encrypted?

  •  Virtual Systems encrypts backup data: In transit, using 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2 encryption
  • At rest, in storage arrays using Nimble technology

Q: Can we back up and restore Microsoft Teams? 

Yes. Teams uses both Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. Veeam Explorers enables you to find and restore Teams data, such as chats, sites and documents. Veeam also gives you the ability to restore data attached to the Teams tabs and channels, then manually restore to the right Teams location.

Learn more in our knowledge base article How to Restore Microsoft Teams

Q: Why can I see users in SharePoint but not in OneDrive folders?

There are separate Veeam Explorers for OneDrive and SharePoint.

See our knowledge base article Installing Veeam Software for M365 Backup for more information.

Should we be concerned if our first backup takes a long time?

Peering with Microsoft helps Virtual Systems backup and restore data quickly; however, Microsoft has established throttling policies that limit the data we can back up from Microsoft 365 in one day.

To make backups as quick and efficient as possible, Virtual Systems:

  1. Uses multiple threads to connect, one for each folder. If we determine that a mailbox is throttled, we stop that job and proceed with the next. Then, we circle back until all backups are complete. This allows us to work most efficiently and minimize the total time it takes to back up your organization.
  1. Advises users to use multiple accounts for SharePoint and OneDrive.  Read our knowledge base article Adding Backup Accounts for Improved M365 Cloud Backup Performance.

Keep in mind that the first backup typically takes the most time – future backups complete more quickly.

Q: Can I use the SharePoint admin center to enable legacy authentication protocols?

Yes. First, go to Policies/Access Control, then click the apps that don’t use modern authentication. Then select Allow Access and save.

Another method is to use the SharePoint Online Management Shell:

Connect-SPOService -Url “
Set-SPOTenant -LegacyAuthProtocolsEnabled $True

Q: Can I restore Microsoft Teams data?

Yes, by using Veeam Explorer for SharePoint to restore files attached to Teams messages and Veeam Explorer for Exchange to restore chat messages.

Step-by-step guidance is included in our Knowledge Base article How to Restore Microsoft Teams Data.

For additional information from Veeam, click here.

Q: Can I edit Exchange Authentication Policies through Powershell?

Yes, read our Knowledge Base article How to Edit Exchange Authentication Policies Through Powershell for instructions.

Q: How do I know if backup jobs are successful or if they fail?

Virtual Systems will send you daily emails that inform you about the status of your backups. You can also check the status in the Veeam Console.

Virtual Systems is also proactive if a backup fails, opening support tickets when we receive a notification. You’ll receive notification from our ticketing system, and a Virtual Systems technician will work to resolve issues.

After a failure, you will have to resolve issues related to access to your M365 environment and Microsoft licensing.

If we receive a warning, you’ll be notified in your daily email, and you can work with our support team to resolve related issues.

If the backup is completed successfully, you’ll receive that information in your daily email.

Why am I not receiving daily emails from Virtual Systems?

Daily emails are sent to company administrators, a specific role set up in your console. If you aren’t receiving emails, make sure company administrators are correctly designated. For more information, click here.

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