Veeam Data Platform: New Name, Same Great Data Protection

July 23rd, 2023

If your business relies on Veeam for data protection, you’ve probably noticed product name changes. Veeam products are now all a part of the Veeam Data Platform. Here’s the breakdown:

Veeam Data Platform packages: Platform Editions: Premium, Advanced, Foundation, Supporting product components. Backup and Recovery: All are included except for Supporting product components which is Veeam Backup & Replication. Monitoring and Analytics are included for Premium and Advanced Editions, but Supporting Product Components have Veeam ONE. Recovery Orchestration: Only Premium edition is included, and Supporting product components have Veeam Recovery Orchestrator

So, What Does Veeam Data Platform Do?

When you implement the edition that’s right for your business, you’ll have the peace of mind that when you need to recover your data, you can. Veeam Data Platform provides enterprise-grade data protection options, including immutability, on-premises object, block and file storage, hardened repositories, and deduplicating storage appliances, cloud object storage, and tape.

Veeam Data Platform also provides you with the fastest recovery if your business is attacked by  ransomware. It allows you to restore clean data, including automation and proven orchestration of all workloads.

In addition, the platform provides data protection for hybrid cloud environments. You can back up AWS and Microsoft Azure workloads, cloud-integrated agents, orchestrated data recovery to Azure, and unified cloud monitoring and reporting.

Overall, Veeam Data Platform gives you data security and reliable data recovery that allows you to meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs). It also gives you data freedom, allowing you to use and store your data in the cloud or on-premises.

What About VBR v12?

In February 2023,  Veeam released Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) v12 with several much-anticipated features. v12 introduced direct-to-object storage through Veeam Cloud Connect. That means if you work with a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, like Virtual Systems, you can easily and cost-effectively create an immutable backup and store it in the cloud. The v12 release also enabled CDP (Continuous Data Protection) through Veeam Cloud Connect. This feature makes it possible to meet the shortest RPOs and RTOs, even less than one minute, for mission-critical data.

The benefits of v12 haven’t changed. They’re still included in the Veeam Data Platform. Combining traditional Backup and Recovery, Analytics, and Orchestration for backups, disaster recovery, and multi-cloud visibility continues to establish Veeam as the market leader for Data Protection.

Let Us Help You Navigate Your Backup Options

Product name changes can make it a little unclear whether you still have the Veeam features you depend on for data protection. Let us assure you that you do.

As a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service provider (VCSP), Virtual Systems can help you evaluate your backup and recovery options and make sure you have the architecture and data protection through Veeam that’s right for your business.

Give us a call to get the details.

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